Well, hello there!

I am truly joyful that you seek even more Inspiration through my beloved work, Nawwal.

However, as you have undoubtedly read already at the Level 2 page, currently I am not able to duly provide you with the English version of my work.

I am sorry for that, really. I would love to have my work spread as widely as possible. Especially Level 3!
Seriously, my friend, it is one of the most concentrated inspirational material you can get your hands on.
It is one of the most epic parts of the Journey and I called it: Battle of Destinies.


Anyway, unlike the previous two parts, I have decided not to present Level 3 for download at all. I have decided to publish Nawwal appropriately.

That is, I am confident that my work is meaningful – not only on the basis of the readers‘ feedback. My intention now is to achieve the following: I want my books to be perceived as a professional work and not just a random free file from the internet from some guy (albeit a charming one). :)

For the last couple of months I have contacted a couple of agencies and researched that whole publishing process and I have got the picture. Among other things, I will surely not rely on a scenario that a self-proclaimed erudite agent takes note of my work in the daily flood of hundreds of emails in her mailbox.

„If you want something done, do it yourself. Yep!“
— Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

In other words, I am going to self-publish the Nawwal series. It is going to take a while, but the good news for you is that my emphasis will be especially on the epic quality of its English version.

Thank you for your understanding

P.S. If you want to help me speed up the publishing process, it is actually very easy – I just need Nawwal to reach as many people as possible. I need people to talk about Nawwal.
Because the word of mouth and increased demand for my work can create the needed synchronicity. 😉

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