Hi there, my name is Petr Chán. I am a sociologist. That means I am interested in the interaction of two elements: an individual and a society.

My opinion is that despite the mask of prosperity the present human (developed) society is not ideal and that the current social progress is seriously lacking to the technological one. In other words, if we are not careful, we will end up with the world full of idiots with a smart phone in their hands.

Because I do not want to belong among these idiots, I have been searching for the way out of this mess. My research has led me to a fundamental realization: Life is a role-playing game that consists of four interactive Levels. This realization reflects in my book series Nawwal.

Nawwal can be summarized as an inspirational mixture of time-proven human wisdom and well-proven personal growth methods. All that wrapped onto a fantasy story with many geeky references. My work is intended for all, however, I think that the ones who will benefit the most of it are the “young and lost” people of the 21st century, especially from the middle-class. I believe that Nawwal represents my thesis in an original, engaging and valuable form.

If you like my work and want more, see also my blog.

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