Welcome, friend! Have you come to read some lore?*

It is a great Honor for me that you are interested in continuation of my beloved work, Nawwal. Unfortunately, this time I have resolved not to make an English version of my book.

Plainly put, even though I give you my work for free, it costs significant amount of time and money for me to make an English version of the book. And I do not possess these resources at the current stage of my Journey. It’s a pity though, because – quite frankly – Level 2 (I called it Growth of Persistence) is really good. I don’t say it’s better, but it’s definitely more mature than Level 1. (Naturally.)

Anyway, if you enjoyed reading my first book and you want to read Level 2 in English asap, you have basically three options:

A) Get the Czech version and use Mr. Google to translate it. (Keep in mind that this affects the book message quality though.)
B) Tell your rich friend that you know an inspirational author who would use some financial support to make a free English version of his book a reality for his readers.
C) Tell your talent-hungry agent/publisher friend that you know a guy with an epic book that has a potential to be a global bestseller and send him my work.

That’s pretty much it. I hope you understand this situation.

Have a good day & remember: the key to your success in Life is to always be true to yourself.

*If you get this reference, your horde of notions is enthralling! 😉

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